All fees are negotiable

Live Performance Still Photo Shoot: $100
Live Performance Video Shoot: $25 per video
Studio/Outdoor Photo Shoot: $150
1) Prices do not reflect any venue entrance fees, which will be added the amounts above.
2) Please keep in mind that the quality of the light available at the venue will affect the quality of the still and video photography.
3) Prices are subject to a $10 media charge unless a USB drive with sufficient capacity (8-16gb) to hold the image data is provided.
4) Photo prints may be available for an additional fee.

Concept Video: $0
If you have recorded a track and are interested in doing a concept video of the song and you don't have the funds to do it with an experienced producer, then consider doing the project with me.  I have no experience but I do have ideas and would like to test my abilities in this area. If you are willing, then so am I!