Logo 2015

Why “Moon Kitten”?

The moniker I chose for this project, Moon Kitten photography® has its origin in the painting you see above, which is also called Moon Kitten and was created by a local artist and friend of mine. During the time that I was purchasing the painting, a few years ago, I was sitting in a cafe at dinner time, wondering what to name this project.  I had been using my own name, but I really wasn’t satisfied with that and I wanted something with a more artistic and poetic sound. It came to me at that time that I would call it Moon Kitten photography.  As I thought about it for next few days and it would never sound old or contrived, it just felt perfect.

Then, as it turns, about a year or so later, a small brown tabby cat, about four months old came to live in my house.  I had not had a cat in my life for about 15 years and I knew from the moment she came into my life that she would be the living-breathing expression of the Moon Kitten.

That is the short version of the story of how Moon Kitten photography
came to life.

–Stephen E Potter

“Moon Kitten” painting by Elizabeth Zaremba