Vanessa, Studio

Why I Shoot

The first and most important reason I choose to be a photographer is to simply have fun!  This art form energizes me and challenges me to see the world in all its glory. To find the things that are hard to see and bring them to life.

It is almost like a meditation, when you are involved in the details of photog for a specific event or shoot. To lose track of time, lose track of all that clutters the mind and just focus your thoughts (and the camera!) on the object of your immediate obsession. It is one of those things in my life, and everyone has or should have their own, where all that is bad or good fades away and there is no limitation of time and space, there is just the task at hand.

My goal is to view an event or an object and to capture an image which will reveal it’s truth in an enduring and interesting way.  I am not trying to document or record, but rather to find the essence of what makes this moment in time interesting and beautiful. Ultimately, to capture that intimate thing that you cannot describe with words.

These are my thoughts to this point. I’m still working on this, more to come!

–Stephen E Potter