Monica, The West End, Dallas TX

Image Category Descriptions

Most Recent:
These are the most recent shots from the Performance and Shoots categories, grouped according to year taken.

One of my favorite subjects, these are shots of wild and domestic flowers, both from outside venues and my studio.

Various nature shots, taken from the Grand Canyon to California. Not much here at this time, but I will be adding to this section in the future.

Still Life:
These subjects are mostly just objects that I arrange and shoot. Just getting into this type of subject matter, so not much of these either at this time.

Performance Pre-2015:
Mostly musical performance and mostly from the Dallas TX area. Places such as Deep Ellum, where you find the Allgood Cafe, Dada, Curtain Club, Trees and many more. South of Deep Ellum there are a couple of venues at Southside on Lamar, Poor David’s Pub and Opening Bell Coffee (OBC).

OBC is where the bulk of my work has been to date.  When I started getting into digital photography 2009, I stumbled upon this place and started shooting at the performances there. As I improved my technique and got better equipment, I continued to shoot there until 2014, when I had some health issues which put my photography work on hold until early in 2015.

Shoots Pre-2015:
These images would be from photo shoots. Some at various Dallas area sites and some at my home studio. I have not done a lot of shoots, so there is very little work here at this time. This is the area where I hope to spend a great deal of time in the future.